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Hello world! finally the day has come - Our most ambitious project of insurance learning site has come true today. 21.07.2015 - This is the first day for our website.

We at waytoinsurance.com are committed towards the goal of attaining a hassle free and transparent environment in the Indian insurance industry.  Since the inception of private players into the industry, there are so many added advantages  enjoyed by the consumers and at the same time equal amount of disadvantages are also faced by them. while the insured population is still below 10% in india, majority of the insured has taken their policy without even knowing their requirements. As most of the insurance sale in India are obligatory sale, we aim at solving all the complexities in understanding and managing the existing insurance polices you have. In this blog, we are trying our best to educate the consumers on various insurance related updates.

The day of death may be uncertain, but death and old age is a certain thing which is going to happen in future. lets be prepared for those rainy  days and be sure that our family is well secured when we are not around them

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