The Sahara Pariwar’s Latest foray is in the Life Insurance then the company is called as Sahara India Life Insurance Company Limited. The company got licensed by the Insurance Regulated, the IRDAI on 6th February 2004. Since from the starting year of the company to till date live and withdrawn Sahara India Life Insurance Products are provided in this article.

Sahara India Life Insurance Company Limited becomes the first life insurance company in India, which the shares are purely and wholly hold by the Indian Private company without entering in to any foreign collaboration to enter in to the Life Insurance Market. The company has launched with a paid capital of 157 crores.

Products of Sahara India Life Insurance

Financial Year Name of the Product Product UIN In operation Remarks, if any, by IRDA
From (opening date*) To (closing date)
2004-05 Sahara Sanjeevani 127N004V01 11-Aug-04 Live
2013-14 Sahara Samooh Suraksha 127N008V02 25-Jul-13 Live
2013-14 Sahara Subh Nivesh Jeevan Bima 127N028V01 31-Oct-13 Live
2013-14 Sahara Dhan Sachay Jeevan Bima 127N029V01 31-Oct-13 Live
2013-14 Sahara Dhanvarsha Jeevan Bima 127N030V01 27-Nov-13 Live
2013-14 Sahara Secure Jeevan Bima 127N031V01 28-Feb-14 Live
2013-14 Sahara Surakshit Pariwar Jeevan Bima 127N032V01 14-Mar-14 Live
2013-14 Sahara Shrestha Nivesh Jeevan Bima 127N033V01 1-May-14 Live
2014-15 Sahara Dhanavriddhi Jeevan Bima 127N034V01 30-Jul-14 Live
2014-15 Sahara Pay back - Jeevan Bima 127N035V01 18-Feb-15 Live
2004-05 Sahara Nidhi 127N001V01 3-Aug-04 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2004-05 Sahara Sampann 127N002V01 11-Aug-04 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2004-05 Sahara Amar Jeevan 127N003V01 11-Aug-04 1-Jan-12 Withdrawn
2004-05 Sahara Nischint Bhavishya 127N005V01 24-Aug-04 11-Jun-05 Withdrawn
2004-05 Sahara Jan Kalyan 127N006V01 2-Mar-05 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2005-06 Sahara Sanchay 127L007V01 19-Jul-05 1-Jul-06 Withdrawn
2005-06 Sahara Samooh Suraksha 127N008V01 7-Oct-05 31-Jul-13 Withdrawn
2005-06 Sahara Kavach 127N009V01 2-Jan-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Sahayog (Micro Endowment Insurance without profit plan) 127N010V01 21-Apr-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Ankur 127L011V01 31-May-06 31-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 Sahara Ankur 127L011V02 15-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Sanchay - R 127L012V01 3-Jul-06 31-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 Sahara Sanchay - R 127L012V02 2-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Samriddhi 127N013V01 9-Nov-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Swabhimaan 127L014V01 12-Mar-07 31-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2006-08 Sahara Swabhimaan 127L014V02 3-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2007-08 Sahara Samooh Samyojna 127L015V01 7-May-07 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2007-08 Sahara Jamakarta Samooh Bima 127N016V01 23-Nov-07 31-Jul-13 Withdrawn
2013-14 Sahara Jamakarta Samooh Bima 127N016V02 25-Jul-13 22-Jul-15 Withdrawn
2008-09 Sahara Samarth 127L017V01 17-Oct-08 31-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2008-09 Sahara Samarth 127L017V02 12-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2008-09 Sahara  Vishesh 127L018V01 4-Mar-09 31-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 Sahara  Vishesh 127L018V02 18-Nov-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2009-10 Sahara Umang 127N019V01 25-Nov-09 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2009-10 Sahara Sanmanvay 127L020V01 30-Mar-10 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2011-12 Sahara Vatsalya Jeevan Bima 127N025V01 28-Feb-12 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2011-12 Sahara Nivesh - Jeevan Bima 127N026V01 20-Mar-12 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2012-13 Sahara Dhanavrishti -Jeevam Bima 127N027V01 31-Dec-12 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn

New ULIPs to be offered for sale w.e.f 01.09.2010

Financial Year Name of the Product Product UIN In operation Remarks, if any, by IRDA
From (opening date*) To (closing date)
2010-11 Sahara Utkarsh jeevan Bima 127L022V01 31-Aug-10 Live
2010-11 Sahara Sugam Jeevan Bima 127L023V01 2-Nov-10 Live
2010-11 Sahara Sanchit Jeevan Bima 127L024V01 9-Dec-10 Live
2010-11 Sahara Shikhar Jeevan Bima 127L021V01 31-Aug-10 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn


Rider is an add-on that one can opt along with basic life insurance policy to increase life coverage or sum assured in various incidents of a life. Insured can claim only rider sum assured on the occurrence of the event without affecting the basic sum assured of the policy. Some of the riders offered by Sahara India Life Insurance is listed below.

Financial Year Name of the Rider Rider UIN In operation Remarks, if any, by IRDA
From (opening date*) To (closing date)
2014-15 Sahara Accidental Death Bebefit Rider 127B005V01 18-Feb-15 Live
2004-05 Sahara Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Benefit Rider 127B001V01 3-Aug-04 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2005-06 Sahara Critical Illness Rider 127B002V01 24-May-05 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2005-06 Sahara Premium Waiver Benefit Rider for Unit Linked Plan 127A003V01 31-May-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 Sahara Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Benefit Rider (for unit linked plans) 127A004V01 5-Jul-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn

Source: IRDAI

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