life Insurance plans reviews and all that you need to know about Life Insurance


HUMAN LIFE VALUE A proper financial planing advisor/ insurance agent should educate their clients on this human life value workings before selling a life insurance. Without doing this analysis, any financial planning would be incomplete and will be of no use. Each and every thing made by man has a financial value. All the artificial […]


Before knowing  what is life insurance, we should understand what is insurance. Insurance is a way of transferring all the financial risks of an individual to the insurance company. In this process of transferring the Risk to the insurance company, the company pays an lump sum amount on happening of some specified event (eg. death of […]

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welcome to waytoinsurance.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Hello world! finally the day has come – Our most ambitious project of insurance learning site has come true today. 21.07.2015 – This is the first day for our website. We at waytoinsurance.com are committed towards the goal of attaining a hassle free and transparent environment in the Indian insurance industry. […]

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