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LIC Products list (withdrawn on January 2014)

LIC Products list (withdrawn on January 2014)

Following the circular from IRDA issued during late 2013 on the minimum Sum assured criteria for availing tax benefits, all the insurance companies including LIC were asked to withdraw their old plans and file new plans in accordance with the new IRDA rules. 

The IRDA rule says that to avail tax benefits the following points will be considered:

  • The Sum assured should be 10 times of Annual premium or
  • The Premium should be less than 10% of Sum assured
  • The premium Should not be Greater than 15% of Sum assured if the Life insured is a Handicapped.

Following is the list of individual products that Life Insurance Corporation of India has withdrawn as because they are not complying with the new IRDA regulations. A total of 34 plans has been discontinued from the market.

 Sr NoPlan NoPlan NameLast date for sale of plan

Date of Withdrawal

1186Jeevan Amrit07-Dec-1308-Dec-13
2108Jeevan Surabhi (25 years)14-Dec-1315-Dec-13
3107Jeevan Surabhi (20 years)21-Dec-1322-Dec-13
4192Jeevan Bharti – 121-Dec-1322-Dec-13
593Money Back 25 Years28-Dec-1329-Dec-13
6133Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover28-Dec-1329-Dec-13
7106Jeevan Surabhi (15 years)31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
8005Limited Payment Whole Life31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
9168LIC Jeevan Anurag31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
10185LIC Child Future Plan31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
11184LIC Child Career Plan31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
12089Jeevan Sathi31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
13162LIC Jeevan Shree 131-Dec-1301-Jan-14
14807LIC Jeevan Ankur31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
15048Endowment Limited Payment Single Premium31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
16090Marriage Endowment Education Ann Plan31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
17103Jeevan Chhaya31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
18159Komal Jeevan31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
19102Jeevan Kishore31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
20091New Janaraksha31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
21075Money Back 20 Years31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
22178LIC Jeevan Tarang31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
23179LIC New Bima Gold31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
24014Endowment Assurance31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
25171LIC Bima Nivesh 200531-Dec-1301-Jan-14
26165LIC Jeevan Saral31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
27149LIC Jeevan Anand31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
28175LIC Bima Bachat31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
29114Jeevan Adhar31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
30136Jeevan Vishwas31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
31810LIC Jeevan Deep31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
32198LIC Jeevan Mangal31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
33802LIC Endowment Plus31-Dec-1301-Jan-14
34182LIC Jeevan Madhur31-Dec-1301-Jan-14

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