LIC is a Public sector Life insurance company. Its operation in India dates back to 1956. The company is the pioneer in the endowment plans. They declared consecutive bonus for the last 10 years. Here in this post we are going to see the LIC Bonus declared for the year 2014-15. The policy should be inforce status for getting eligible bonus rates.

LIC BONUS declaration history:

LIC has declared bonus for all its policy in the past 15 years*. In the previous financial year also LIC has declared Bonus for all the traditional participating plans. You can have a detailed review of bonus declaration in the past for each individual plans in the future posts. Once these bonus are declared, the declared LIC BONUS tends to become guaranteed once announced. Normally LIC provides only Simple reversionary Bonus every year.

LIC BONUS for 2014-2015

LIC BONUS  2014-2015

LIC declared its bonus rates on 1st September 2014. As expected lot of Bonus rates are unchanged.

Below is the overall comparison of LIC bonus rates since 2008 to present.

LIC-Bonus-Rates-2014-15 (1)

LIC has declared Bonus for New plans also. I had marked the New Plan Bonus rates in Red for your easy reference. You can understand that the Bonus rates for old endowment plan and the new endowment plan are same. And for Jeevan Anand is also same.

Note-The above bonus rates will be applicable for policy entered upon during the inter valuation period, i.e. 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014 and in force for full sum assured as on 31/03/2014. It would apply to policies resulting in claims by death or maturity (including those discontinued within one year of maturity) or surrendered on or after 01/01/2015.

This is an Extract from LIC website.

You can have a look on to the Bonus declaration for the previous financial year i.e. 2013-14 in the Below Link

LIC Bonus Rates History

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