Furaffinity 2019: Get the artwork, Images on Fur affinity, Login fur

Furaffinity is also called Fur affinity or FA, it is a web portal created by alkora in 2005. This website is known for art, music, stories and their promotion. Fur affinity is one of the largest online community for best art music and stories. It is even declared as the internet’s largest online gallery promoting anthro, brony, furry, dragon artwork and more!

Furaffinity: Get the artwork, Images on Fur affinity, Login fur

Furaffinity gives the user the best in class feature to track a new update for the art on the web. They even let the user track the art based on a particular artist. Fur affinity lets individuals publish their own journal and combined with comments system they let a user promote and grow the community through the internet and their portal. allows everyone to upload the art, images, music and stories. The main earning source for the portal is through their inhouse advertising of art which we will discuss in the second half of this article.

Furaffinity: Get the artwork, Images on Fur affinity, Login fur

Supported content on Fur affinity:

Furaffinity supports the art of all nature and rating. Furaffinity doesn’t show adult content such as images etc. Fur affinity also doesn’t allow the content which intention is to discredit, disrespect and slander other people.

They only show mature content to those who update their date of birth and confirm that they are 18+. They allow the user and visitor to add keywords and tags to see the content of their liking. The person who uploads the content can also update tags and keywords to show their art on proper search intent. (Keywords and tags are uploaded on the website to make the match on what the user is searching and giving the exact match. Keywords and tags also help to determine the website what a user is uploading what the content Is about )

Keyword and tags issue:

Furaffinity once disabled the keywords and tags feature of their website due to an error in the performance of the website. They also had to disable their search engine feature in 2006 as the feature was demanding a lot of resources.

Furaffinity on 1st April 2007 i.e. April fools day played a prank and made false search option just to prank the users. Fur affinity implemented their famous search feature back in Feb 2009 for the users.

They added privacy features in May 2012 which allows the features of users blocking the guest ( This is done to stop guest seeing the users content). This feature allows showing the content to only users who have registered on the web portal.

Furaffinity cant show the artwork of its platform in Russia because d.facdn.net is in Russia Internet blacklist. On thirteen Sep 2015 Furaffinity reveals a gallery system this is done because from the launch of website users were complaining about the way folders were used and implemented. This was leading to disappearing and deletion of artwork, images and was transferred to scrap folders automatically.

Acquisition of Furaffinity:

Furaffinity was started as Ferrox Art LLC, which is a limited liability company the company was formed in February 2008 and website was started on Jan 16, 2005. The company was registered in Pennsylvania. In march 2015 Furaffinity was acquired by IMVU in an undisclosed amount. Reports tell the acquisition was done in January but reports are leaked lately.

Global Rank:


Furaffinity user is known as furries. Furries are users who like animal cartoon characters with humans like personality and characteristics. The personality and characteristics include a glimpse of human intelligence, speaking and waking like humans, the facial expression of humans and clothing just like a normal human.

How to make an account on Furaffinity:

Step 1: Click on the Register button on the top justify side of the website and you will a page as shown above.

Step 2: Enter the desired username.

Step 3: Enter your E-mail Address

Step 4: Confirm your E-mail address and click on the captcha

Step 5: You will receive an Email with registration link click on that link and you will see a similar page.

Step 6: Enter your birth date.

Step 7: Enter the password and do a password confirmation.

Step 8: CLICK on I accept. Create my account.

Step 9: Congratulation you are ready to go with your account.

Furaffinity application:

Furaffinity app is available on play store and there are two apps jackl and badgr


  1. The jackl app gets a rating of 4.1+ on play store.
  2. The jackl app even got 5000+ downloads.
  3. The app size is 3.1 Mb and was released in August 2018


  1. The badgr app got 5 stars on play store.
  2. The badgr app got 10+ downloads
  3. The app is of 2Mb and was released on July 2018

Advertising art on Fur affinity:

Furaffinity advertising delivers more than 1 billion ads per month and over 12 billion per year.

There are basically two types on Furaffinity

  1. The ads that are created by users of the portal which they call as Furries
  2. Googles famous advertising network Ad-sense.

How do you advertise on Furaffinity?

Step 1: you have to mail to [email protected], which should have your website address, description of the site, attachment of ads. Furaffinity take 3 working day to reply ( Their working days are from Monday to Friday )

Step 2: Your website will be reviewed by Furaffinity ads and link will also be reviewed according to general quality. In some cases, Furaffinity rejects the application for your ads this is done because of some quality issues on your website.

Furaffinity will mail you why de rejected the application and you can re-apply by correcting it. Furaffinity does this so that your ads can perform better.

Step 3: Payment instruction will be sent you on email. Furaffinity only deals witch online payment on PayPal. The information will be sent once the ads will be approved.

You can always mail to [email protected] for any query regarding advertising.

Price of Advertising on Furaffinity:

For 300×90 image

This kind of ads shows on header and footer.


1 month: $25 | 6month : $125 | 12month/yearly: $225

Size Restrictions:

only accepted in size 400K and only accepted in format (JPG, GIF or PNG)

300×200 Large Format Banner

These kinds of ads are shown on sites footer and may appear on NSFW.


1month: $60 | 6month: $300 | 12month/yearly: $540

Size Restrictions:

only accepted in size 750K and only accepted in format (JPG, GIF or PNG)

728×90 Leaderboard

These kinds of ads only appear on NSFW


1 month: $60 | 6 month: $300 | 12 month/yearly: $540

Size Restrictions:

only accepted in size 750K and only accepted in format (JPG, GIF or PNG)

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