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Motor Insurance- Simplified

Motor Insurance- Simplified Motor Insurance in India deals with the insurance covers for the loss or damage caused to the automobile or its parts due to natural and man-made calamities. It provides accident cover for individual owners of the vehicle while driving and also for passengers and third party legal liability. There are certain general insurance […]

Buying Online Insurance in India – Myths

Buying Online Insurance in India – Myths Many of us are still having a number of doubts when it comes to buying an insurance. These doubts gets even worse when it comes to buying through online medium. Buying insurance  online is very simple and cheaper  but Why are we still not convinced then? There are many misunderstandings that are […]

@ 4% and @8% Assumed Rate of Return in Traditional policies – Illusion

What is a sales illustrations? The illustrations help a customer to understand a policy in a better way. Basically, a benefit illustration is a year-by-year summary of costs and benefits and how costs will affect the growth of your fund. While costs are known in the policy, one needs to assume a rate of return […]

Retirement Guide – How to retire with Pension

Retirement Guide-How to retire with Pension: Age wise guide.  In today’s scenario, with improved life expectancy rate many of us can expect 45 years in employment followed by 30 years of retirement, possibly living on until you’re in your nineties. Now think. How sure are you that your pocket is full for the whole three […]

List of Immediate Annuity plans in India

Immediate Annuity plans In the Previous post on the pension plans list in India, we had given you the detailed list on the deferred Annuity plans available in the market. Now we are going to see the Immediate Annuity plans list in India. To know the various types of Annuities you may read our post […]

Pension plans List in India

Pension plans in India In India Pension plans are sold by the life insurance companies and are monitored by IRDA. All the pension plans which are sold by these insurance companies are to be pre approved by the IRDA. All the 24 insurance companies are selling pension plans in India. India is a country where the […]

12 Questions you should Ask Before buying an Insurance policy

12 Questions you should Ask Before buying an Insurance policy Buying a life insurance policy without asking the below questions to your insurance agent/advisor is equal to buying gold with your eyes closed. It is your right to ask all these questions before you buy a policy. Are you trained or licensed to sell life insurance? What […]

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