Many of us are still having a number of doubts when it comes to buying an insurance. These doubts gets even worse when it comes to buying through online medium.

Buying insurance  online is very simple and cheaper  but Why are we still not convinced then? There are many misunderstandings that are related with buying insurance online . Lets analyse some of the common myths about buying life insurance online:

Myth 1- There is zero personal assistance

It is a Fact that we need to accept to a certain extend. A person may assist you over phone but nothing equates the personal assistance of a sales person or an agent. However, you can get the policy details online at any time. Many companies have 24/7 services available for online assistance.

Myth 2 –Online buying is a complicated process.

It is a very wrong conception. Buying insurance online is very easy and simple. But the drawback here is that you have to analyse all the plans and choose the products by yourself. Once you are done withe the selection of policy, you can enter details and complete the application process in 10 -15 mins. Even If a medical examination is required, you will be informed and the process will be taken further by the online team.

Myth 3- One needs to have more knowledge about internet.

You need not be internet geek or expert to buy insurance online. One only needs to know the basics of operating a system and using internet. If you know to access internet facilities, it will suffice to apply online insurance.

Myth 4- Online Buying is Costlier.

The Fact is really opposite to the myth. Buying Insurance online is very cheaper when compared to offline insurance. As there is no involvement of intermediary and lesser administrative costs, rates of online plans are very cheaper.

Myth 5 –Claim settlement process is difficult for online policies.

The statement is very false. There is a drawback of lack of personal services which may be received when the policy is taken via an intermediary. However, in reality there is absolutely no difference between the claim settlements for an online and offline policy. All the claim process is same for both the offline and offline policies.

 Myth 6- Choices are limited for online insurance plans.

Not all the polices from an Insurance company can be bought online. Only specified plans meant to be sold online can be bought online. Mainly Term plans are trending online. Nowadays ULIP plans are also getting more focus online. Online is a more efficient place where you can compare the policies with other company products. You can Choose the products according to your choice.

 Myth 7- It is unsafe to share information online.

As Maximum of the Online insurance websites are hosted on a SSL Certified secure server, all your data shared will be safe and secure. And Maximum payment gateways are from trusted partners only. You have to be cautious with new unknown payment gateways. 

This Article is bought for a better understanding of the Myths about the online insurance products. However individual personal experience may vary according to the situations. advises to be fully cautious before doing any transaction with online websites. 

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