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Assumption Life

Assumption Life Insurance Company Details

Assumption Life Logo.png
PrivateIndustryInsurance and Financial ServicesFounded Waltham, Massachusetts (1903)Headquarters
Moncton, New Brunswick
Key people
Sebastien Dupuis (President and CEO)Revenue Increase CA $105.7 million (2007)
Operating income
Increase CA $7.2 million (2007)
Net income
Increase CA $4.1 Million (2007)
Number of employees

Assumption Life Plans details Review

Assumption Life (Fr: Assomption Vie) is an insurance and financial services company based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The company is a Canada wide life insurance provider with over 75,000 active policies and also operates a large asset management agency with over one billion dollars of assets under management.

Assumption Life History

The company was established in 1903 by Acadians in Massachusetts as la Société l’Assomption a small life insurance agency. The company moved to Moncton in 1913 and up until 1969 the company was run as a fraternal society before becoming a mutual. In 1972 Assumption Life moved into their new head office in Moncton, Assumption Place, which is by far the tallest building in the city.

Assumption Life Subsidiaries

Assumption Life has majority control over the following companies:

  • Louisbourg Investments Inc., an investment portfolio management firm with over 1.4 billion dollars of assets under management.
  • Assumption Place Ltd., A real estate holding company which owns the company’s head office in Moncton (Assumption Place) along with other properties in Moncton and Edmundston, New Brunswick
  • Atlantic Holdings (1987) Ltd.
  • List of companies headquartered in Moncton

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