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Arbella Insurance Group

Arbella Insurance Group Insurance Company Details

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MutualIndustryInsuranceFounded1988 (1988)Headquarters
Quincy, Massachusetts


United States
Key people
John Donohue (President and CEO)
Francis X. Bellotti (Vice Chairman)ServicesInsuranceWebsitewww.arbella.com

Arbella Insurance Group Plans details Review

Arbella Insurance Group, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States, is a regional property and casualty insurance company providing business and personal insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as business insurance in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Arbella Insurance Group The Independent Agent Model

Since its conception, Arbella Insurance Group has adopted the independent agent model, as opposed to several national insurance companies known as “direct writers,” who allow prospective customers to receive a quote instantly online, and to then purchase their insurance policies the same way. Arbella Insurance Group serves as a carrier, partnering with independent insurance agencies throughout New England to write lines of commercial and personal insurance for its customers.

Arbella Insurance Group History

In 1988, Kemper Insurance Group announced its intentions to withdraw from the Massachusetts auto market. A key piece of legislation was needed to make the company solvent in the Massachusetts market, and within 30 days, the key piece of legislation needed to form Arbella passed.

In 2008, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance made the decision to “discontinue the practice of state-set rates for private passenger auto insurance and allow insurers to propose rates.” A monumental occurrence for Massachusetts insurers, this decision came after the ill-fated 1977 attempt to allow full competition in the private passenger auto market.

John Donohue, President and CEO of Arbella, spoke about how his company would fare in this new climate of competition. He reported that Arbella was “not only ready to adapt, but also to succeed and prosper in this new business environment.”

Arbella Insurance Group Founders

  • John Donohue
  • Frank Bellotti
  • John J. Mooney

Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation

Established in 2005, the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. is committed to supporting local, nonprofit organizations who work to improve the lives of New England residents. The foundation has been recognized as a top corporate giver in Massachusetts.

Arbella Insurance Group Mission

The mission of the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation is to engage in community activities and support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant and positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella.

Arbella Insurance Group Employee and Agent Involvement

In addition to matching gift and charity donation programs, Arbella Insurance Group employees are able to take advantage of a number of workday volunteer opportunities in their communities throughout each year.
Arbella’s independent insurance agents are also able to contribute, partnering with the foundation to give donations to organizations that support families and individuals in need.

Arbella Insurance Group Distractology 101

Distractology 101 is a free training program currently offered by the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. The mobile simulator, which travels to various New England schools, has been designed by The University of Massachusetts Amherst to train and educate new drivers on the dangers of distracted driving.

The program includes 45 minutes of instructional learning behind the wheel of a simulated car console. A web-based training component completes the program. Any driver, licensed for three or fewer years or who has their permit, is eligible for the free training. To date, 24 Arbella independent agents have hosted the tour, with more than 1,500 students completing the training.

Distractology 101 has gained national recognition for the positive impact it has had on high schools throughout the New England area, and its program continues to be in high demand.

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  • www.arbella.com
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