Accident Definition

Accident is an unforeseen and unintended event/ occurrence that has caused an injury to the insured

Explanation of Accident

So it may be having the following qualities.

  1. Unplanned
  2. Unexpected
  3. Happens suddenly
  4. cant be predicted
  5. It is not done intentionally
  6. Cant be stopped

It may result in the following,

  1. Injury to health of the person
  2. Loss to the person
  3. Decrease in the value of the resources
  4. It may also increase your liability.

Technically the term accident doesn't have an exact definition.

An accident is an event. This event happens suddenly and we cannot expect or predict this event before it happens.

Few examples for accidents

  1. Break failure in a vehicle
  2. Mobile phone falling of from your hand
  3. Rain in between a cricket match
  4. Flight crash due to engine failure
  5. Flood
  6. Ship sinking in a storm
  7. Bike skidding during rainy season
  8. Unintentional Hitting on a tree or walls or to any objects during driving 
  9. Falling down because of an obstacle
  10. Fire due to unknown reasons
  11. Getting diseases
  12. Theft


What are not accidents

  1. Betting and losing in a cricket match
  2. car crash or any vehicle crashing while drunken drive
  3. Ship sinking due to overload
  4. Throwing away your mobile phones and it breaks 
  5. Intentional activities.

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